Things to do in Alanya Turkey


Things to do in Alanya Turkey, Sun, Sand and Sea city of. A big tourist city. Where is Alanya Turkey? How get to Alanya?

In this article for you all the sights of Alanya, brought together..

Alanya, Turkey is a tourist resort in the province of Antalya. About 10 thousand Europeans are living in the province of Alanya. Alanya, is in the form of a small peninsula in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. There are north of the Taurus Mountains. Alanya throughout history, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires has served as an important fortress in the Mediterranean. Shows the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. Warm in winter and hot in the summer passes. Thanks to the warm climate is conducive to many sporting activities and cultural events. The city of Alanya, which contains spectacular beauty is one of the rare cities. There are giant plant with a capacity of 3500 people today. Alanya have wide beaches, historical monuments, modern hotels,  fish restaurants, cafes and bars is a fabulous holiday destination. Every year thousands of tourists come to spend their holidays in Alanya. There are many places to suit all budgets. The attractions of the city of Alanya in this article we have collected for you. I have been articles that might interest you. If one day come by in Alanya you should definitely go to this lovely places.

Alanya, Sun, Sand and Sea city of. A big tourist city. Where is Alanya Turkey? How get to Alanya?

Alanya, Sun, Sand and Sea city of. A big tourist city. Where is Alanya Turkey? How get to Alanya?

Dim River : It is 6 miles away from the city center and to the east of Alanya. This River is flows through the village in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains and 60 kilometers later flows into the Mediterranean Sea. More->

Cleopatra Beach : Located within the borders of Antalya, Alanya Kleopatra Beach is to find the length of 2 kilometers. Blue Flag. The sea and the beach is sandy. The beach extending to the peninsula and made ​​of stones with the name referred to a small dark Cleopatra. More->

Sapadere Canyon : Sapadere Canyon team in the right proportion, until recently known only from locals reserved Tarfa was a sad. In terms of alternative tourism, Sapadere Canyon is 750 meters long and 400 meters high. More->

Alanya Castle : Walls of Alanya Castle is 6.5 kilometers long and height is up to 250 meters. This Stronghold is known by Kandeleri and is located in the peninsula of Alanya. 13 century was built by the Seljuks. More->

Dim Cave : Located in the border district of Antalya, Alanya Dim Cave, 145 kilometers from the city center, and 11 kilometers away from the county center presents itself. Dim Cave, Alanya 12 km of the center. More->

Red Tower : Antalya for the holidays is one of the most preferred holiday region. Not only for its natural beauty, eyes filled with historical buildings in Alanya There are many places to visit. If you have a holiday in Alanya is very different from a classic vacation can spend your time. More->

Alanya Shipyard : Seljuk Sultan Keykubat were built after the conquest of the city. The building was near the red tower was completed 1 year. Construction began in 1227 and was completed one year. Consisting of five arches overlooking the sea front yard is 56.5 meters, is 44 meters in depth. More->

Alara Castle : The castle is located in Antalya-Alanya. Alara Castle and the historic year 1232 is based on. By Keykubat in 1231 immediately after the conquest of Alanya was built. Transportation is very easy. Alanya-Antalya road, you will reach after going over 37 miles. More->

Damlatas Cave : Alanya is located 3 kilometers from the city center. The beautiful decorated with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, it research about these caves were initiated immediately placed under protection. Alanya Damlatas Cave of domestic and foreign tourists is one of the places most visited. More->

Archaeological Museum : Museum is located in the province of Antalya, Alanya district. This museum, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations brought from the Bronze Age, Urartu, Phrygia and Lydia was opened in 1967 with works from the period. More->

Gold Cable Park : Creates vitality from tourism, attracting the attention of local and foreign tourists is a wonderful park. Established in Alanya “Gold Cable Park”, has become the European center for athletes training. More->

Aquapark Alanya : Day with a capacity of 2,000 people in the Mediterranean region’s largest water park you joy, excitement and adventure brings. Mediterranean’s most popular water paradise in Water Planet want to make minor or an adult, there is no limit on the fun! More->

Ataturk’s House : Ataturk 1935 in February Aegean ferries come out with the Mediterranean promenade, the 18 February 1935 on the morning of Alanya Pier have come to, Şekerhane neighborhood of Azov Street in the old Alanya’s long-established families Tevfik AZAKOĞLU two-storey house for a few hours was heard. More->


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