Atatürk’s House Alanya Turkey


Republic of Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, February 18, 1935, during his visit to Alanya is the house where a time. Where is Atatürk’s House Alanya? How get there? Atatürk’s House Alanya Turkey.

Ataturk 1935 in February Aegean ferries come out with the Mediterranean promenade, the 18 February 1935 on the morning of Alanya Pier have come to, Şekerhane neighborhood of Azov Street in the old Alanya’s long-established families Tevfik AZAKOĞLU two-storey house for a few hours was heard. The last owner of the house Reza AZAKOĞLU house was donated to the ministry of culture and tourism. Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1984, Atatürk’s House and Museum, and began to organize to fix it. Alanya Atatürk’s house and museum on April 30, 1987 by then President Kenan Evren, was opened to the ceremony. Atatürk’s House and Museum structurally 19th Alanya is a beautiful example of the architecture of centuries . 600 sqm three -storey house in a garden . Built between 1880 and 1885 estimated that all of the rooms on each side of the house opens into a hall .

Republic of Turkey's founder  Ataturk, during his visit to Alanya is the house.Where is Atatürk's House? How get there? Atatürk's House Alanya Turkey

Republic of Turkey’s founder Ataturk, during his visit to Alanya is the house.Where is Atatürk’s House? How get there? Atatürk’s House Alanya Turkey

The house on the first floor the War of Independence and the republic to the early years about education photos, Atatürk’s some photos, Alanya by Atatürk has written a telegram and other historical documents are exhibited Atatürk’s personal belongings and some of the photos in 1984, the museum while arranging the Mausoleum from the Museum has been introduced. There are a total of 295 works . Library and kitchen are on the first floor . Wooden house on the upper floor and is reached by a staircase spirally rotating . The second floor is furnished with traditional period furnishings . Living , working, as the bedrooms are reminiscent of an old Alanya house . Every weekday from 8:30 to 17:30 in the morning you can visit for free .


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